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  • Efficient packing station

    Packing Solutions

    Optimize your operation with ergonomic packing stations to organize materials and provide easy access to tools and labels. Increase productivity with carton erectors and tape machines.

    Raymond West also offers design services and Lean Management training to help you improve product flow and optimze your process.

  • Equipment for document insertion

    Document Insertion

    Document inserters are real-time, automated packing slip insertion systems that identify the package, print the packslip and multi-page collateral, verify each page and then fold and insert the documents into the box.

    This practical solution slashes time off the packing process, prevents fulfillment bottlenecks and ensures your orders get out on time.

  • Shipping Labels

    Ship Label Application

    Consider a pre-engineered, automated all-in-one scan, weigh, dimension, print and apply shipping station that integrates with your ERP and multi-carrier platform to:

    +Scan the package Bar Code (SKU or LPN)
    +Weigh and Dimension packages as needed
    +Print and apply the shipping label
    +Scan the package to confirm the correct label was applied

  • Equipment for Shipping Sortation

    Shipping Sortation

    Shipping Sortation Systems transport packages directly to the doors. For accuracy, the system will automatically scan the barcodes and confirm that packages are diverted to the correct shipping lane.

    The system has the ability to sort cartons, totes and poly bags at rates from 5 to 100+ packages per minute.

  • Trailer Loading

    Raymond West offers portable, ergonomic, modular conveyors that makes trailer loading a safer and easier process. Here are a few features:

    +Powered and Gravity flexible conveyors to service multiple doors
    +Extendable belts reduce load and unload times by 50%
    +Operator lifting platforms and conveyor tilt features improve safety and productivity
    +Lights, fans and other products are available to improve your operation's working conditions

  • Small Parcel Shipping Automation  Brochure

    Small Parcel Shipping Automation Solutions

    因为在消费者购买b的戏剧性的转变ehaviors, today's distribution centers need to handle an increased number of parcels in various shapes and size and slash delivery times. Implementing our automated small parcel shipping solutions helps an operation become more efficient and productive.

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