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When it comes to material handling, our customers rely on us to provide more than just the best application-specific lift trucks. They have diversified needs that require precision solutions that utilize floor space more efficiently, increase order selection productivity and improve workplace ergonomics. To successfully accomplish this, we work closely with each customer to design, develop and deploy the integrated systems that optimally achieve their goals at the lowest total operational cost.

Our experienced Project Management Team collaborates with the customer to understand the inner workings, preferences and goals of their operation. They strive to understand the daily processes of a business which can include:

  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Assembly and Packaging
  • Storage and Replenishment
  • Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Quality Assurance (QA)

This information is used to develop design and technology that will optimize their specific business model, maximize space and increase productivity to achieve their goals. Because distribution is a dynamic industry, the team may develop multiple design concepts, each of which will include an analysis of the cost benefits.

Engineered Products and Solutions

  • Engineering Services

    Our in-house design team utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide comprehensive CAD services that ensure accurate designs, installation and the flexibility to expedite any project design alterations.

  • Systems Integration

    Whether designing a system from the ground up or re-engineering your current system, our dedicated team will deliver a customized solution to ensure your operation runs as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

  • AS/RS Kardex Remstar

    Kardex Remstar Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) provide the benefit of high-density storage using the smallest possible footprint. We offer the full line of products including Vertical Lifts and Buffer Modules, Horizontal and Vertical Carousels, and Power Pick Software,

  • Rack and Shelving

    From standard pallet rack to push-back, cantilever and other specialty warehouse racking systems - we offer a full range of storage solutions. It's a team effort, our engineers identify and design the best storage system for your operation and our expert service technicians handle the installation, maintenance and repairs.

  • Raymond Courier Automated Pallet Truck

    Automated Lift Trucks

    Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) provide flexible, affordable automation to handle repetitive transport tasks. We offer Raymond's full line of couriers including the Raymond Automated Pallet Truck, Tow Tractor and Stacker, all invaluable options for warehousing manufacturing and distribution operations. .

  • Radioshuttle

    The Radioshuttle pallet shuttle system provides high-density storage flexibility and customized designs for effective pallet handling. Battery-powered and remote-operated, Radioshuttle allows operators to work elsewhere while it is busy transporting pallets.

  • RHSI Conveyor

    Automated Storage and Conveyor Systems

    Conveyors, sortation systems and truck loaders and unloaders - we offer a full range of custom engineered options that may be the key to your overall supply chain success. Designed with productivity in mind, our systems provide significant increases in productivity, shipping and order accuracy.

  • Automated Label/Weigh/Scan/Dimensions

    与aut简化您的订单执行过程omated All-in-One Scan, Weigh, Dimension and Print-Apply Shipping Stations. Easily integrated with your ERP and multi-carrier system, these systems increase quality and productivity.

  • Picking Systems and Software

    Picking Systems and Power Pick Global Software streamlines the order picking, packaging and shipping process. Using a combination of mechanization, controls and software, aoptical indicators such as Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light direct the operator to the exact location of the pick, increasing accuracy and reducing the number of picking errors.

  • Material Handling Equipment Supplier - Dock Equipment Vendor

    Dock and Door Equipment

    Knowing that the loading dock is an integral part of your operation, Raymond West searched the industry for the best in new and innovative dock and door equipment and designs. Our energy-efficient products ensure a smooth loading process and secure dock and shop.

  • Mezzanines

    High-quality mezzanines transform your unused overhead space into additional work areas and multi-level storage structures. When integrated with conveyors, Mezzanines offer the perfect option to improve productivity and provide your employees with the room they need to work efficiently.

  • Modular Office Systems, Inplant Offices

    Modular Offices

    Flexible and functional, modular offices can be installed and ready to use in just a matter of days. Modular offices are less expensive than conventional construction and.give you the ability to expand or even relocate the space when needed.

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