COVID-19 Tips for a Healthy Operation

We know that these unprecented times present all of us with daily personal and business challenges.It is our hope that by providing COVID -19 tips and resources, we can help you find solutions to keep yourpeople, place and process safe and running smoothly.

Here are some recommendations to adapt your warehouse for social distancing:

  • Designate 6-foot Work Areas
  • Redesign Warehouse Traffic Flow
  • Use Visual Cues
  • Modify Your Picking Strategy
  • Integrate Tool Sanitation Workstations
  • Create "Touch Free" Order Consolidation
  • Implement Zero Interaction Order Delivery
  • Operate Multiple Shifts and Schedule Breaks

Workplace Social Distancing

  • Distancing

    Clearly Mark Designated Work Areas

  • Covid Sign

    Establish Tool and Hand Sanitation Stations

  • Masks

    Mandate Masks In Common Areas

  • Timeclock

    Operate Multiple Shifts and Schedule Breaks

  • Social Distancing Floor Decal

    Use Visual Tools To Mark Traffic Flow

  • Order Delivery

    Implement Curbside Pickup and Order Delivery

Kardex Remstar Whitepapers

  • ASRS social distancing

    Implementing ASRS to Support Social Distance

    Automated storage and retrieval systems are a great solution to accommodate the CDC recommendation of workplace social distancing. ASRS allow for assigned work zones, reduced labor requirements and zero interaction.

  • 545x315 Making Space VLM

    Making Space for Social Distancing

    With the challenges of COVID-19, companies find themselves squeezed for space. To keep workers safe and operations running, operations are implementing automation to free up floor space for social distancing.

  • True Cost of Labor

    Calculating the True Cost of Labor

    Discover how implementing automated, dynamic storage and retrieval systems can positively impact labor productivity and profits in three areas: reduced labor costs, improved throughput and decreased liability.

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