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  • iWAREHOUSE Enterprise material handling data analysis

    The Difference is in the Data

    A challenge for many managers is having a clear view of their operation. The iWAREHOUSE Labor Management System (LMS) provides comprehensive reporting of critical warehouse data like costing by customer, daily budgeting and labor forecasting, helping you identify areas with an opportunity for improvement. By integrating LMS into your iWarehouse optimization system you gain a 360-degree view of your operation.

Productivity Starts with Visibility

  • 100%
    Higher Productivity*
    Lower Labor Costs*
    *on average

  • Our Labor Management System was created by operators who ran labor-intensive operations for some of the largest retailers in the country. This operation-focused approach developed a product that:

    + Is easy to implement
    + Lowers labor costs
    + Creates fair labor standards

  • A WMS shows you only time scanned into the system – which results in missed visibility to approximately 60% of the labor hours you are paying for.

  • Lift Truck Ownership Cost Breakdown

    Labor makes up 74% of total truck ownership costs so implementing small enhancements can make a big impact to your bottom line.

    With iWAREHOUSE LMS, you will have a clear breakout of where your labor dollars are spent as well as how they are spent allowing you to pinpoint inefficiencies at all levels of operation:

    > Facility
    > Department
    > Process
    > Individual


    + Maximize employee utilization and productivity + Make informed staffing decisions
    + Drive out lost time + Analyze trends for effective forecasting
    + Control costs + Develop and implement standards and best practices
    + Increase margins + Manage and motivate staff
    + Enhance corporate culture + Pay-for-performance

Optimized Processes. Smarter Business Decisions.
iW LMS Answers Your Most Important Questions

  • LMS implementation, Labor Management System

    How long will this take to install and how can I maintain it?

    iW LMS can be fully integrated and fully functioning in a matter of weeks.

    Our cloud-based LMS System provides easy software updates and system changes as operations evolve:
    + No site hosted servers, no hardware requirements, little IT involvement
    + Flexible, quick-to-configure proprietary Logic Writer technology pulls and merges data from multiple sources

    Many LMS systems take 6-12 months with heavy IT involvement.

  • LMS Productivity, Labor Management System, warehouse productivity

    How can I optimize my labor and process?

    iW LMS gives you 100% visibility into every minute of every day – by looking at all the hours you pay for.

    Identifying and reclaiming lost or missing time can result in big payoffs:
    + Missing time or downtime throughout the day - the discrepancy between paid hours and total tracked hours - is often in excess of 60-90 minutes per day, per employee
    + Indirect work - meetings, housekeeping, maintenance, and clerical - can account for 25-40% of a facility’s time

    Other LMS Systems look at just productive hours, limiting how much you can improve.

  • LMS Cost, Labor Management System optimization

    Where is my money going?

    iW LMS pulls in and integrates data from multiple sources for a complete picture on process costs and workflows.

    Our LMS ultimately drives down labor costs:
    + See who did the work, on what process, in what amount of time and quantity
    + Get granular; see how that correlates to which customers are profitable and identify areas for cost savings

    Other LMS systems read WMS and time clock data only.

  • LMS Performance, Labor Management System performance

    How is my laborreallyperforming?

    iW LMS uses machine-learned data and multiple metrics that look beyond single-metric unit-per-hour ratios for more accurate and fair labor standards.

    Adopt a flexible system that:
    + Customizes to your specific needs and adapts as your operation changes
    + Improves costs through better standards that drive accountability and lead to better performance

    Most LMS systems rely on a traditional (and quickly obsolete) approach of using the time, cost and inaccuracy of engineered labor standards created by humans.

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