Your loading dock is an important piece of your day-to-day operation. Ensuring that your dock is maintained and working efficiently is our job. We offer a wide variety of options to choose from and our industry experts are available to discuss the best solutions for your warehouse.


    Hydraulic dock levelers are designed with a push button system that allows the operator to stand back and control the docks lift and lower by means of hydraulic cylinders. This option is the safest, provides the highest possible capacity and requires the lowest maintenance.


    Air-Powered Dock Levelers are similar to Hydraulic Levelers. The operator uses a push button mechanism for control but, rather than hydraulics, an air bag or bellows system lifts and lowers the deck. Air Powered provides a mid-range capacity and is an economic alternative to hydraulic dock levelers.


    A Mechanical Dock Leveler operates by a metal spring. This system requires the operator to pull a chain to lift the deck and the operators weight to lower the deck by walking out to the edge. This is an economical solution while maintaining strength and durability.


    Edge of Dock Levelers come in hydraulic or mechanical operation and mount directly to the dock face. The operator will use a handle to pull the lip plate above the right of the truck and release the handle so that the plate rests on the trailer. This type of solution is ideal when dock space is limited.


    Vertical Storage Dock Levelers are ideal for warehouses with food storage or temperature sensitive applications. The overhead door of the VS Series forms a perfect seal to the pit floor. This leveler system provides cleanliness, protection of the overhead door, increased security and easy maintenance while improving productivity. Standard capacity allows 40K, 45K and 50K and these levelers are available in a number of lengths: standard width - 6', 6'6" and 7'/standard length - 5' and 6'.