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  • 70 Years Of Storage Solution Expertise At Your Fingertips

    For more than 70 years, our customers have benefited from our expertise in warehouse design, project management and systems implementation. We know that how products are stored, organized and transported is key to the success of any operation. We work closely with customers to gain a clear understanding of their operational challenges, preferences and company culture, and then use that information to plan, design, develop and deploy a customized solution. A solution assembled with only proven components and supported by our Service and Parts department.


Automated Parts Storage

Designed to increase productivity, maximize floor space and improve accuracy, Raymond West brings you the latest in automated storage and retrieval systems. From conveyors and carousels to storage solutions, retrieval systems and pallet shuttles, we have what you need to outperform your competition.

Rack and Shelving

From standard pallet rack to push-back, cantilever and other specialty warehouse racking systems, we offer a complete selection of storage solutions. We work closely with you to plan, design, develop and deploy the right customized, high efficiency storage system for your operation and our expert service technicians take care of the installation,maintenance and repairs.

Dense Storage

如果你的操作要求s storing or moving multiple pallets of a single SKU (stock keeping unit) the Radioshuttle pallet shuttle system may be your dense storage solution. This pallet shuttle system provides a flexible, customized high-density storage option for effective pallet handling.


High-quality mezzanines let you transform unused overhead space into additional work areas and multi-level storage structures. When integrated with conveyors. Mezzanines may be the perfect option to improve workflow and productivity and provide your employees with the room they need to work efficiently.

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