I simply try to make things

When I was a kid, I was simply breaking down my own remote controlled cars into pieces and trying to put them together in a different format. So it all started back in that time.

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Things I made so far

I mostly use Swift because I am currently learning that programming language. I will start working on Python this year as well and will see the results.

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In Progress

It is still in the ideation stage. I will update here it soon.

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Shaking Stories

Shaking Stories is a fun app that lets you create magic stories using your imagination both at home and in the classroom.

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It was a customer support app for Oxford University Press that provided chatbot and video support to teachers, students & parents.



I am a cyclist.

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I commute to work instead of driving car or taking public transport to save time and not to get depressed because of how people react when they are driving. I also do long bike trips over the summer time so follow me if you like.

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