Forklift operator assist technologies increase operator proficiency, accuracy, and productivity. These solutions help create an efficient labor process so you can do more with less.

  • pick2pallet, pallet truck

    Pick2Pallet LED Light System

    The Pick2Pallet LED Light System is a pick to light system designed to help reduce picking errors by using LED technology to visually reinforce product placement for order fulfillment in batch picking applications.

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  • In-Aisle Detection System, IADS, Operator Assist

    In-Aisle Detection System

    The In-Aisle Detection System is an application specific feature that automatically displays ‘sensor stop’ on the truck display, sounds an audible alarm, and decelerates a truck to a complete stop whenever it detects certain objects in its path (tractor first) and when locked on a wire in very narrow wire guided aisles.

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  • 雷蒙德叉车配备wi的形象th Advance Operator Assist Technology with operator walking parallel to the truck in a warehouse.

    Raymond Advance
    Operator Assist Technology

    Raymond Advance Operator Assist Technology minimizes the pick cycle time by allowing the operator to remotely command the truck to travel tractor-first in an aisle between picks. The operator can remain on the floor in optimal picking position, minimizing travel to and from the truck.

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  • Zoning and Positioning

    Zoning and Positioning (ZaP) options ensure more reliable, repeatable truck operation by automatically controlling truck functions, allowing operators to focus on their surroundings and the task at hand.

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